Thermal Hair Protectors: Armor for your hair

Thermal protectors for hair care

We continue on the topic of caring for our hair. This time we’re going to talk about our best friends (thermal hair protectors). If straighteners or curly irons are an important aspect of your daily hair routine then pay attention.

There are various external agents that condition the hair, removing its natural protective barrier. Hair dryers, curling irons, straighteners, finishing lotions, hormonal changes, pollution, and a whole host of factors.

That’s why it’s very important to introduce a hair thermal protector into our daily care routine. It is suitable for most hair types, but especially so if you’ve previously used some type of color treatment (such as dyeing, highlighting).

Thermal Protectors

Hair that has been chemically treated is already drier than natural hair, so using straighteners or curlers can dehydrate it even further, causing damage if it isn’t properly protected.

That’s why we developed the Milkshake Armor line of hair care products, which was designed to provide the best possible protection for your hair. Among them you will find our thermal protectors in cream or spray presentations.

Types of thermal protectors

Which One Should I Use?

You can use either one, the effect will be the same.

The presentations of the same are more for a commodity thing, because each of them is applied in a different way and one can take a little longer than the other… but let’s get to it.

Cream presentation: We will apply it on dry hair, just before flat ironing. Distribute the product with a comb or a wide bristle brush.

Spray presentation: You can apply it with wet or dry hair, spraying the product on all your hair with a distance of 20 or 30 centimeters.

As already mentioned, both presentations serve to protect your hair from heat sources but in addition to preventing damage it will also make styling easier.

Hair Sealers

When the hair’s protective barrier is lost, the first area that becomes vulnerable is the ends. This may mean that you have no choice but to cut the damaged area, but you can also remedy this with hair sealers.

By applying a small amount of these products to your hair you will see results that look like a real wonder. They are usually applied to dry hair, although it will depend on the instructions of each product.

Happy after hair sealers

Of course these products will not work miracles just for the sake of it, their changes are evident from the moment you start using them, however you can’t forget to nourish your hair from the moment you wash it, always using conditioners and nourishing masks.