Curl Your Hair Like A Boss

Curl Hair Like a Boss

Curly hair is something we all wish we had. For those of you who like me, who fall under the other category, you’re going to want a curling iron.

If you use an ionic one, it attaches negative ions to your hair which help lock in moisture and eliminate the frizz, so it keeps its shape for longer.

The size of the curls will depend on the size and shape of the barrel so for looser curls use an iron that has a diameter of 1 to 2 inches. If you’re looking for something smaller than an inch, then you’ll be able to get rid of those cute little ringlets.


Wash and condition your hair as usual, taking care to brush your hair thoroughly. Use a volumising and thickening spray like Milk Shake’s Volume Solution to add volume to your hair before blow drying.

It is best to have a protective spray available to protect your hair from damage during the blow drying process. Remember that keeping your hair healthy and well cared for is always the way to go.

Style And Class

For fine hair, use a low setting for the curling iron. You’ll find your optimum somewhere between 180° and 200°. If your hair is thick and coarse, set your hair straightener at 200° to 300°.

For the most flattering curls, curl away from the eyes for the “bombshell” look, which is uplifting, fun, and your hair won‘t fall into your face.

Unless you have hair that naturally curls the opposite way, in which case, you shouldn’t fight it; instead, embrace it and go with a more unique vintage style.

Curl with style

First curl the hair on top of the head, then curl the fringe and the crown separately. You can curl hair by taking sections of hair and winding them around the barrel of the hair straightener.

When your hair is up to temp, leave it in for a few minutes before curling it away from your face. Remember that the ends won’t need as much heat as the root so they’ll curl just as easily with not as much heat applied.

Continue with the hair around the crown, sides and back until you’ve finished the rest of your hair, applying pins as you go.

Try experimenting with a few different curl size, curl position, and curl quantity variations to get the ultimate curly styles.

The Finishing Moves

Now, it’s time to get your hairspray… you know what to do!

At this point, you’ll have big, luscious curls that will be the talk of the neighborhood but if you really want curls like a boss, you’ll pay attention to these special finishing moves:

  1. Flip upside down (just like that) and apply a good product for extra shine and BIG volume.
  2. Apply some frizz free spray on it.
  3. Use a nice perfum and you are ready to go.

How To Extend The Style?

Depending on how well the hair holds the curl, they may last for a few days or up to a week. Adding in a few extra curls here and there will help keep the style looking good for longer if you also add some extra hair product as and whenever you need it.

There you have it, you have successfully curled your hair like a BOSS!